About Us

TECC Ltd was founded in 2006 by our Managing Director Peter McCallum, who trained as an electrician and specialised in PAT testing as a sideline, when he was working as a security analyst, monitoring offenders who were electronically tagged.

Peter’s success and enjoyment as a PAT tester soon outshone his day job, so he handed in his notice, set up TECC and has never looked back.

Among our first clients was Led Zeppelin tribute band Whole Lotta Led – we’re proud to say they are still a valued client – and in the 14 years since we were founded we have tested over 2.5 million appliances and currently test around half-a-million each year.

We’ve now grown to a team of more than 20, all trained personally by Peter, and we cover almost the whole of mainland UK. Peter is a sought after external trainer for organisations such as charities (who want to PAT test donated electrical appliances) and the MOD.

The appliances we test range from the smallest items, like a soldering iron in a lab, to giant restaurant fridges. For some clients we test just a handful of appliances. For large clients we can be testing thousands of items. Our clients range from trades people, to dance teachers, to local and central government, to abattoirs to metal foundries. We’ve PAT tested for luxury hotels, Formula 1 racing teams, the British Space Agency… we have even tested appliances at the head office of an adult ‘toy’ company!

Alongside PAT testing we also offer all other electrical services for homes and businesses

How we work

For new customers we always start with a blanket test of your entire business, then we can help you in one of two ways.


  • We offer an annual PAT test, so we come once a year to examine all your plugin appliances, or
  • We put together a schedule for testing, with higher risk appliances tested more frequently. This helps to spread the cost of PAT testing and it also reduces disruption, because while we make more visits we test fewer items on each occasion.

Why do our customers choose us?


  • We have earned a deserved reputation for providing an expert, quality and reliable service.
  • We have experienced and highly trained technicians, who cover the majority of mainland UK.
  • We have a large, quality team.
  • We produce outstanding results for our customers.

If it’s got a plug on it, we can PAT test it – and you can have peace of mind.

To talk to our expert team about PAT testing your electrical appliances, please get in touch today.

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